What is Ban-Ad?

Ban-Ad is an Open-Source tool that allows you to control who advertises on your website.

Why not use Google Ad-Sense?

While Ad-Sense is good if you do not care about what ads are put on your website, it gives the web-owner no power over the ads displayed.
Ad-Sense also doesn't allow for an easy rotation of advertisments and ad-promoters pay google per click, which means you only get partial revenue for people who click the ad. Ban-Ad gives you %100 of the revenue and with a focus on awareness rather than per click, an ad-promoter can focus not on getting the user to click but on the art of the advertisment.

What do I need to set up Banad?

Ban-Ad is prototypal, anyone that can understand deploying via the GitHub instructions can use it to it's fullest potential.
However, that is quite difficult for the average person, I (Discord: thearistotle#1599) can host the majority of the code for you and if you contact me I can help get it set up with you. Ban-Ad does not work for Wordpress, Squarespace, website builder platforms (as of now).

What is the point of this website?

To demonstrate this tool! I also am using this website as a platform to learn website design, so you'll see this website change how it looks many times